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Premium Quality Print Media: Colors print bright and rich on PrestoTex-10.

PrestoTex-10 roll and logo

PrestoTex-10 is a 10-millimeter white polyester fabric backed with a removable and repositionable adhesive. The material adheres to virtually any non-porous surface and removes without peeling paint, leaving residue, or damaging walls.

It is the perfect product for printing interior wall murals and graphics. On our polyester fabric, graphics are long-lasting and have a beautiful finish.

This repositionable, adhesive-backed wallcovering has the same easy-release microsphere adhesive as our seven-millimeter PrestoTex. The fabric is moderately translucent yet more opaque than that of competitors. Wall murals capture attention with the deep color reproduction the material affords.

PrestoTex-10 is also available with our exclusive gold iridescent and silver finishes that offer a different mood and make customers stand out from the crowd. People have reported excellent results for point-of-purchase signage and holiday displays in particular.

PrestoTex-10 is a premium quality print media. Here are a few of the perks:

  • Its substrate and patented high-quality microsphere adhesive set it apart from similar products.
  • The thickness of the material covers imperfections, offers better opacity, and allows for easy installation.
  • Our exclusive microsphere adhesive allows easy removal and repositioning again and again. The adhesive won’t damage walls, leave a residue, or cause the paint to peel.

Our wallcoverings come with the ‘Clean Cut Guarantee’ that makes short and easy work of decals or precision cuts. PrestoTex-10 does not rip, wrinkle, shrink, or curl.

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Get Creative with Presto Print Media

This unique material for wide format printers, is used for wall graphics and interior applications, PrestoTex-10 can be applied to walls, windows, doors, elevator doors and much more.  The possibilities are endless with PrestoTex-10:

  • Retail décor
  • Museums
  • Elevator doors
  • Restaurants
  • Surface graphics
  • Kids bedrooms
  • Interior wall murals
  • Sports murals
  • Promotions
  • Lobbies/waiting rooms
  • Office décor
  • POP advertisements
  • Temporary signage
  • Table advertisements
  • Temporary decorations
  • Wallpaper
  • Home décor
  • Giclée reproductions

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PrestoTex-10 Technical Details

Material: 10 mil Polyester fabric Opacity: Opaque
Available Finishes: White Contour Cut: Clean Cut Guarantee
Available Sizes: 54” x 75’, 60” x 75’, 60” x 150’ Quality Grade: No Grade
Compatible Inks: PrestoTex-10 is printable with UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent inks.

PrestoTex-10 FAQs

PrestoTex-10 is a 10-millimeter removable and repositionable adhesive-backed polyester fabric. It can be applied to walls, windows, doors, elevators, and much more. PrestoTex-10 does not peel, rip, shrink, or curl. It can be moved and re-applied over and over again.

Which ink systems can I print PrestoTex-10 on?

PrestoTex-10 works with UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent inks.

What if I want to remove the PrestoTex-10 from the wall?

That’s OK! PrestoTex-10 graphics and decals can be applied, removed, and re-applied to any surface. The microsphere adhesive will not peel paint or damage walls.

Can I contour cut PrestoTex-10 and make wall decals?

Yes! PrestoTex-10 can easily be contoured cut to make wall decals without any fraying or issues. Use a high steel blade (carbide), 60° sharp blade, slow the speed down to 8 cm/s if needed.

Can I install the graphic doing a butt seam?

Yes. Because PrestoTex-10 does not shrink, you can apply the graphic with a butt seam. You will not be able to see the seams. You can also install PrestoTex-10 with an overlap or an overlap splice cut, where you cut the excess and leave a perfect butt seam.

How long does PrestoTex-10 stay on the wall?

PrestoTex-10 is permanent until you want to remove it. It will last for years until taken down. Even then, it will not peel paint or damage the wall.

Is PrestoTex-10 environmentally safe?

PrestoTex-10 is PVC free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. It is also made in the USA.