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Why Using Presto Tape’s Removable and Repositionable Print Media is Better

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Removable and repositionable adhesive-backed fabrics are becoming more and more popular than vinyl. It may be the “go green” movement or it may be that clients want more options than vinyl. Whichever it is, Presto Tape has developed a line of removable/repositionable substrates that do not damage walls or peel paint.

Our Adhesive

Many manufactures claim their substrates will not damage the wall or peel the paint but that may not be the case (we have a wall of shame in our offices). Presto Tape uses a specialty formulated adhesive that is indeed removable and repositionable. This specialty formulated adhesive is strong enough to make the substrate last on the walls for years but when removed it will not damage the wall. Our adhesive does not grow, which allows you to have confidence in our substrates.

Our Substrates

Presto Tape’s Presto Print Media line includes 3 different substrates. The first substrate is called CanvasTac; it is an adhesive-backed canvas. This 17 mil canvas will hide wall imperfections and bumps and not exaggerate them like vinyl does. It is printable with all ink systems and is available in matte and gloss finishes. Even though it is 17 mils thick, you can still contour cut it making beautiful wall decals with it. Best of all, our CanvasTac is the highest grade of commercial wallcovering. It is a Category VI Type III Class A Commercial Wallcovering.

Our next substrate is called PrestoTex, an adhesive-backed polyester fabric. There are many different versions of our PrestoTex on the market today, but PrestoTex has an ink receptive coating which allows the colors to be more vibrant and not modeled. PrestoTex is also available in matte and gloss finishes and does not fray like its competition when contoured cut.

Last but not least, our newest substrate is called PaperTac, an adhesive-backed paper. PaperTac comes in 6, 7 and 10 mil thicknesses, so you can choose which is right for the job. There is nothing like our PaperTac on the market today. PaperTac is perfect for wallpaper. Long gone are the days of using paste and water, our PaperTac is easy to install and remove.


With our adhesive technology, clients can easily take down the graphic and replace it with the next one. Especially when working with the retail industry, new graphics are installed for every season. This way, it saves the installer time when installing and when it needs to be removed; it is a fast process and does not damage the wall for the next job.

Go Green

Presto Tape is on the “go green” movement and tries making the highest quality and environmentally friendly substrates as possible. All of our substrates are PVC free, lead free, phthalate free, and made in the USA in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Presto Tape’s Print Media line offers customers multiple substrates with our removable and repositionable adhesive. Using an adhesive-backed fabric is more flexible and easier to reposition than vinyl. It also covers wall imperfections than exaggerating them like vinyl does. The most important pro of using fabric over vinyl is the ends won’t start to curl or peel up like vinyl does. Our adhesive-backed print media stays on the wall as long as you need it but when you want to remove it, it’ll remove cleanly without damaging the wall.
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