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Presto Tape Protection Films for Keeping Surfaces Clean and Sanitary

In these uncertain times, social distancing and practicing safe and clean habits are crucial as businesses, schools, and large gathering areas reopen. Sean Hiller with Presto Tape explains how the company’s surface protection films help with keeping spaces clean and safe.

Presto Tape has developed several protection films to help businesses and people maintain social distance while following protocol with simple, cost-effective solutions.

40L60 Film for Touchscreens, Keypads, and More

Presto Tape’s 40L60 device protection film is perfect for keypads and touchscreens including ATM and credit card terminals. The film is four inches wide and perforated every six inches, making it the perfect application for devices of various sizes. For office copier machines that have touchscreens and/or keypads, the 40L60 product helps with keeping both the buttons and keypad contamination free. Once you apply the film, you can spray cleaning products without shorting out the system.

20L40 for Shopping Carts and Door Handles

Presto Tape’s 20L40 film is three inches wide and perforated every six inches. It can protect people from heavily touched handles, such as shopping carts or door handles.

Carpet Protection Film

Carpet protection film can be applied to any carpet surface to allow for easy cleaning. Instead of shampooing rugs and undergoing constant cleanup, just apply this with or without an applicator.

Shoe Protection Film

Shoe protection film can help you avoid spreading germs and bacteria via your shoes.

30L40 for Seats, Urinals, Toilets, and More

Presto’s 30L40 products are wide and perforated every 20 inches, making it easy to close off seats in churches, stadiums, and elsewhere. This film also serves as a toilet protection film for social distancing and wrapping bathroom fixtures such as urinals, toilets, and sinks during maintenance issues.

These simple but effective products allow us to go back to work and enjoy sporting events and other group gatherings while social distancing and staying protected from heavily touched areas. If you have questions about any of these protection films and how they can be used, contact Sean Hiller at (215) 244-8928.