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CanvasTac Gold Iridescent Wall Mural Shines at Mimaki LA Office

  • Final view of the metallic wallcoevering used at the Mimaki LA office
  • Metallic wallcovering being printed on CanvasTac
  • up close printer view of the metallic wallcovering on canvastac
  • Printer in action with the design being completed on the metallic wallcovering
  • two men installing the metallic wallcovering
  • Final wall over the CanvasTac metallic wallcovering
  • Side view of Mimaki LA office wall with canvasTac metallic wallcovering
  • abstract design created by CanvasTac metallic wallcovering in the Mimaki office

Project Info

Client Mimaki USA Los Angeles Office
Designer/Installer Mimaki USA

Project Description

“We were very attracted to the ease of application and removal of this product. We feel that it was in our interest to keep open to design changes on a periodic basis to reflect current promotions and trends. I would recommend this material; I was very happy with the adhesive properties which allowed for easy application.  I think it will be suitable for other projects in the future. It was unique and certainly received a lot of attention, management was pleased” -Hugo Gonzalez of Mimaki USA. Read Full Project Case Study.