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Presto Tape Launches New Stronger Strapping Tape

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strapping tapeBensalem, PA—Presto Tape, a United States manufacturer of surface protection films and specialty tapes, has launched a new strapping tape with a superior 145 pounds of strength.

This new general purpose MOPP tape features an extra-strength adhesive, perfect for palletizing, bundling, transporting, and unitizing packaging that bears significant weight. The tape is built to withstand rough handling and tough conditions, and it keeps boxes from shifting in transit. Its tensilized-reinforced backing resists abrasion, moisture and scuffing.

“We created this tape to meet our customers’ need for an even stronger and more durable option,” said Presto Tape President Rich Speeney. “The tape expertly resists breaking or tearing, even if nicked or punctured during handling.”

Like all Presto Tape’s products, the entire product line is proudly made in the USA, which not only allows for consistently high-quality tapes and films, but also for full company control of the manufacturing process.

Presto Tape offers the new strapping tape in 1-, ¾-, ½-, and 3/8-inch widths in black, white or clear. The standard 97-pound strength strapping tape is also available in the same sizes and colors. Presto Tape also manufactures blue painter’s tape and surface protection films for carpet, floors, ducts, metal, granite and much more. Their newest tape extends the existing product line available from the company’s network of nationwide distributors.

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