Presto Tape Goes Retail

Presto Tape now offers its popular blue painter’s tape and floor protection films to retailers nationwide.

The popular products offer greater choice for retail customers and increased sales and higher profit margins for retailers.

Thousands of professional painters already prefer Presto Tape products but have been limited to wholesale purchases until now. Presto’s move to retail will make purchases more convenient for those customers. Retailers are assured instant name recognition among high-volume professional customers.

High Performance Professional Products

Presto Tape has produced millions of yards of product to service the professional market for decades. Widening accessibility to the retail market provides these high-grade products to more people at a competitive price point not available until now. Improving the competitive environment of the paint supply industry is a positive development that ensures honest pricing and greater satisfaction for customers of all grades and levels of experience.

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Retail Blue Painter’s Tape
Assorted Widths – P621R

Presto’s Blue Painter’s Tape is retailed under the R2 SuperBlueTM name, but offers the same professional performance painters have relied on for decades. This high performance tape will not dry out or lose holding power but can be cleanly removed for up to 30 days. The available 2, 1.5, and 1 inch widths are sold on 60 yard tape rolls that are commonly used for drywall, glass, hardwood floors and wood trim. Individually wrapped rolls are packaged in a printed box designed for retail space such as point-of-sale counter space or shelves.


Retail Carpet Protection Film
24” x 50’ rolls – 20A80R50

Our 24” x 50’ rolls of carpet protection are packaged with retail customers in mind to protect their carpets from damage done by dirt, paint, spills, dust and construction debris. Clean removal with no residue left behind is ensured for up to 45 days. The retail package works as a point of sale display and easily fits into shelf space. 12 individually shrink wrapped rolls.


Contractor Packaged Carpet Protection Film
24” x 200’ rolls – 20A80R200

These longer length 200’ rolls are perfect for contractors working in larger spaces or bigger projects. The retail packaging features four individually boxed rolls. The film offers the same protection from paint, spills and debris as the shorter rolls but meets the needs of larger jobs. The four large rolls fit nicely into shelves.


Retail Floor Protection for Hard Surfaces
24” x 50’ rolls – 30L40BLR

Hardwood and tile floors are protected from dirt, paint, spills, dust and construction debris and damage with Presto’s floor protection film. The same clean removal without any residue is ensured for up to 45 days. The packaging also serves well as a point-of-sale display or for shelf storage. 12 individually shrink wrapped rolls.

Available to Businesses of All Sizes

Presto has established the minimum retail order at only $500 to make the product accessible for retailers of all sizes. The packaging was also designed with retailer concerns in mind.

Each item is individually shrink wrapped with a UPC, and the shipping box has been designed to be counter ready for point-of-sales display. Simply open the box, and put it on the shelf or counter.

Sales is at the heart of the appeal to retailers however. Presto’s products are not only well known in the industry, their price point compares favorably to competitors. Price conscious customers now have an alternative that can drive more sales with higher profits.

American Quality and Support

The “Made in USA” label assures customers the products have standardized quality that is often lacking in products made overseas. Cheaper offerings from foreign manufacturers have been known for “hit or miss” performance that can vary from unit to unit.

Retailers will appreciate the full support of the product from a manufacturer who responds quickly to concerns or special requests. There are no delays in either contacting Presto representatives or shipping postponements that can add weeks to request fulfillment. Retail partners can rely on live customer service staff and same day shipping.