Bathroom Fixture Protection Film is perforated for easy installation

  • Designed to temporarily seal off various bathroom fixtures
  • Removes clean, without leaving any residue behind
  • One roll covers approximately 80-standard size urinals
  • Materials: Polyethylene Film coated in a water-based acrylic adhesive
  • Solvent-Free sustainable adhesive
  • Available colors: Blue
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Additional Product Details

Presto Tapes Bathroom Fixture Protection Film is versatile. 
Our Bathroom Fixture Protection Film can serve as both a protection film for social distancing and for wrapping bathroom fixtures such as urinals, toilets, sinks, and water fountains during maintenance issues.  Out of Order Urinal Covers are ideal for public bathrooms in schools, offices, airports, stadiums and event venues, movie theaters and malls. The Bathroom Fixture Protection Film can be applied by simply tearing the perforated film, applying the adhesive side of the sheet to the top of the fixture and applying the bottom edge to the underneath of the fixture, then smooth out to seal the film in place. To remove simply pull back the film from the edge of the fixture. Perforated: Every 20-inches.

Product Specifications 

  • Adhesion to Steel: PSTC-101 (oz/in): 2.0 to 4.0
  • Tack Level: Medium
  • Tensile Strength: PSTC-131 lb/sq in: 11
  • Elongation (%): PSTC-131: 325
  • Thickness: PSTC-133: 2.5 mils (nominal)
  • 30L40 – (24” x 200’)  Perforated every 28” 2.4 mil nominal – 1 Rolls/box
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