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Keypad Protection Film

Product Code: 30L40

4-inch keypad protection film keeps an atm keypad safe and sanitary

Keypad Protection Film

Help keep users safe and protect expensive keyboards from being damaged from damaging sanitizing sprays.

Presto Tape’s 40L60 Keypad Protection Film is perfect for keypads and touchscreens including ATM and credit card terminals. This cost-effective film is four inches wide and perforated every six inches, making it the perfect application for devices of various sizes. For office copier machines that have touchscreens and/or keypads the 40L60 product helps with keeping both the buttons and keypad contamination free. Once you apply the film, you can spray cleaning products without shorting out the system. Other uses include gas pump handles and elevator buttons.

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Perforated Size Color


3mil nominal –
Perforated every 6”

4” x 204’