Cleanroom Tacky Mats

Keep floors clean by trapping dirt

    • Designed to trap dirt, dust, and debris from shoes
    • 30 layers of removable sheets
    • Materials: Polyethylene Film with an adhesive backing
    • Available colors: White
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Tacky Mat Product Details

Presto Tapes Tacky Mats are easy to install and out switch layers.

Ideal for construction, renovations, moving, cleanroom environments, parties, and open houses. Our Tacky Mats are designed to effectively remove and trap dirt, dust and debris from shoes and equipment wheels, minimizing the number of particles being tracked into a building or room. The tacky mat should be placed at the entrance of a building or room on a smooth floor surface.

To apply, remove the bottom protective sheet then slowly apply the top two corners to the edge of the entryway and press down smoothing the middle of the mat until the bottom two corners are in place and air bubbles have been removed. To use, simply step on or wheel equipment over the tacky mat 2-3 times to remove the unwanted dirt and debris. As traffic passes over the surface of the mat, the dirt and debris will be captured onto the mat. To change out the sheet peel back the top layer and a new, clean, sheet will be exposed for use. Perforated: No.

Tacky Mat Products

  • Tacky Mat – 30 Sheets – (24” x 36”) – 4 mats per case
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