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PrestoTape offers an easy solution to keep carpeted floors sanitized.
Apply our carpet protection film to protect it from new dirt and germs. See how easily our carpet protection film can be applied and disinfected.
Made In America
Counter Protection Film
Temporarily Protect Counters, Marble or Granite From Damage
Presto’s Blue Painter’s Tape
High Performance Painter’s Tape
Designed to prevent dry out and keep its holding power.

Premium-Quality Tapes & Films

Our premium surface protection tapes and films are designed to suit a broad range of specialized applications. Including painter’s tapes, floor and carpet protection films, application tapes, and digitally printable wall-coverings.

Nationwide Distribution Network

Presto works with a nationwide network of distributors and supports them with competitive pricing, quick solutions for product usage concerns and flexibility as we partner together to acquire more business. More About Presto →

An Integrated Manufacturer

At Presto, we execute every facet of the production process on site for maximum quality control. From formulating our own adhesives, to the coating process, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing and shipping—it is all done under one roof.

Our Protection Films Can Help Keep Most Surfaces Clean!

Featured Products

Manufacturer of Protective Films, Specialty Tapes
and Digital Print Media.

Specialty Tapes

Carpet Protection Film

Digital Print Media

Application Tape

Specialty Tapes

Presto offers a product line of top-notch specialty tapes to meet the needs of our customer’s specific applications. Presto’s specialty tapes include: Blue Painter’s Tape, Strapping Tape, All Weather Tape, and Red Stucco Tape.

Eco-friendly Zone Protected Carpet Protection Film

Presto’s Zone-Coated Carpet Film is an environmentally responsible and temporary way to protect carpets from tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust, construction debris, and damage. Presto uses patented Eco Zone-Coat technology to apply strips of superior adhesive on our formulated durable polyethylene film backing. Removal is as simple as lifting the film from the floor and it protects up to 45 days leaving no residue behind. It can be used for construction, renovations, model homes & vehicles, showrooms, stairs, parties and much more.

Digital Print Media

Presto’s Digital Print Media can be used for wallcoverings, wall murals and POP signage. All of the materials are adhesive-backed and fabric based that do not include any PVC, phthalate, lead or any other harsh chemicals. The adhesive is repositionable that allows easy installation and when removed it does not damage the wall. Possibilities are endless with Presto’s Digital Print Media!

Application Tape

Presto Tape’s Graphics Application Tape is used in sign making and screen printing applications. Presto offers a variety of tack levels in both paper and film products to meet the customer’s needs. It is ideal for screen printing, transferring vinyl lettering and graphics, and as a premask for large graphics. Presto Tape also offers Pallet Tape.