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Stainless Steel Protection Films

Preventing cosmetic damage can be immensely challenging during manufacturing, transporting, and installing stainless steel products.  Whether it’s appliances, architectural pieces, or other fixtures, keeping stainless steel surfaces from getting scratched can seem nearly impossible. 

The solution: stainless steel protection film from Presto Tape, the industry’s leading manufacturer of protective films.  Based in the USA, our temporary stainless steel protective film meets the industry’s highest standards, and we can get it shipped to your doorstep fast. 

Stainless steel is frequently used for surfaces due to its attractive finish.  The challenge is preserving its appearance from manufacturing to shipping to installation.  Whether it’s a brushed, annealed, or mirror finish, preventing scratches is critical to keeping the value of the material. 

To preserve the finish of your stainless steel until it’s time to shine, use stainless steel protection film from Presto Tape.  Our temporary protective films can protect the delicate finish of your stainless steel surfaces from the factory to installation. 

  • The film is suitable for the following exterior finishes:
    • 2B Mill Finish
    • 2BA Bright Annealed
    • #3 & #4 Dry Polish
    • #7 & #8 Mirror Finish
  • The film is capable of protecting a stainless steel surface from scratches, dust, dirt, and contamination.
  • Suitable for all stages before installation, including manufacturing, storage, and shipping.
  • Polyethylene film is coated in a water-based acrylic adhesive that leaves no residue behind – no cleanup is needed after installation.
  • Available in clear, blue, and black/white.

Presto Tape was founded in 1991 and is committed to being the industry’s leading industrial tape manufacturer. 

  • We are consistently innovating to bring you quality products at competitive prices.
  • Our products are made in the USA, therefore we can guarantee fast turnaround times and strict quality control. Since we ship from within the United States, we avoid offshore shipping and cargo delays. 
  • Presto Tape can produce custom sizes and packaging around your unique requirements.

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