Counter Protection Film

Product Code: 30L40

Temporarily Protect Counters, Marble or Granite From Damage

counter cropped
Presto’s Counter Protection Film is used to protect counters and marble/granite pieces from damage during storage, construction, and transportation. It can be safely applied to the surface without damaging the counter or leaving residue.

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30L40 2.5 milClear Counter Film24” x 200’180

30L40 2.5 mil

Clear Counter Film

36” x 100’


30L40 2.5 mil

Clear Counter Film

30” x 600’


40L40 3.5 milClear Counter Film24” x 600’


40L40 3.5 milClear Counter Film30” x 600’56
40L40 3.5 milClear Counter Film48” x 600’49