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The graphics industry has unique needs with respect to the application tape, both to affix graphics to desired surfaces and handle printed graphics safely.  The answer is Presto Tape, a leading adhesive tape manufacturer.  We’ve developed application tapes for printed graphics to make sure that your delicate custom printed images will apply reliably and beautifully. 

To properly affix graphics, lettering, and logos to your substrate, such as ceramics, vehicle body panels, signs, and more, the graphics must be transferred with an application transfer tape.  The challenge is finding a tape that will pick up and transfer the printed material without tearing, distorting, or removing clean.  Presto Tape, a top innovator in the tape industry, has responded with a line of application tape products designed to meet the needs of graphics installers. 

  • We offer low-tack, medium-tack, and high-tack application tape for images and graphics.
  • Our embossed tape is transparent, allowing for full visibility during jobs.
  • Our premium layflat application tape is ideal for vinyl graphics and stacked jobs, with no wrinkling, tunneling, or edge curling.
  • We also offer protective pallet tape to protect delicate screen print platens.

We can provide application tape in a range of sizes and tack strengths, depending on the need and application.  A series of specific quality features apply across all our application tapes. 

  • Our tapes use a solvent-free sustainable adhesive that removes clean, with no residue left behind.
  • Our see-through tape allows for easy application of lettering and graphics for faster application jobs.   
  • We’ve developed a robust product line to be used on a range of surfaces and in an array of applications.

Founded in 1991, Presto Tape is the industry’s leading tape manufacturer. 

  • Enjoy the benefits of working with a domestic manufacturer! Presto Tape products are made in the USA, we have the advantage of fast turnaround times and strict quality control.  Since we ship from within the United States, we avoid offshore shipping and cargo delays. 
  • We can produce custom sizes and packaging around your unique requirements.
  • We’re consistently innovating to bring you quality products at competitive prices.

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