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Digital Print Media


Digital print media wallcovering using our CanvasTac product

Presto’s digital print media open new vistas for wide format printers, decorators, marketers, and homeowners.

Your creative abilities are limited only by imagination and wall space. Any image or pattern of your choice can be produced and installed with ease.

All of our digital print media use repositionable peel and stick materials that can be installed in minutes and taken down just as easily. Our peel and stick wallcoverings are similar to Post-It note technology where it can be removed within days, months, or years later without damaging the surface. You can update any surface for a season, the term of a marketing campaign, or permanently.

Taking the wallcovering down leaves no trace of adhesive behind and damages no surface type. Yet our microsphere adhesive holds the covering as firmly as traditional but messy water and paste methods.

Our materials do not rip, wrinkle, shrink, curl, or peel indoors or outdoors. We provide a  Clean Cut Guarantee against fraying for contour cuts used in decals and other precision cuts. And all our materials are safe without PVC, lead, or phthalate.

Best of all, it’s all made in the USA which guarantees quality, availability, and prompt delivery at prices not imaginable even a few years ago.

Nothing compares for ease of installation, convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Try our digitally printable wallcovering once, and you’ll never use anything else again.

About Our Digital Print Media

Presto is proud to offer three variations of digital print media designed to meet and exceed expectations for indoor use.

All of our printable media feature our exclusive microsphere adhesive that does not grow over time. This revolutionary technology allows our wallcoverings to be removed and repositioned an unlimited number of times. Working much like the familiar Post-It note, our print media leave no residue or wall damage behind.

Our microsphere adhesive is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the graphic and to remove trouble-free every time.

CanvasTacCanvasTac is in an exclusive league of its own. It is the first and only repositionable adhesive-backed canvas wallcovering on the market. There are no competitors for this easy-to-use and reliable wallcovering that does not rip, wrinkle, shrink, or curl.

PrestoTexColors print bright and rich on the 7 mil polyester fabric of PrestoTex. This repositionable adhesive-backed wallcovering has the same easy release microsphere adhesive that makes it a favorite of installers across the country.