Multi-Surface Painters Tape

High-performance blue painter’s tape with easy tear

    • Designed to prevent dry out and keep its holding power
    • Doesn’t rip, peel or crack during removal
    • Use for up to 21 days with clean removal, leaving no residue behind
    • Materials: Crepe paper coated with water-based acrylic adhesive
    • Solvent-Free sustainable adhesive
    • Available colors: Blue
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Additional Product Details

Presto Tapes Blue Painter’s Tape is durable and easy to use on a variety of surfaces.
Ideal for molding, trim, plate switches, walls, floors, ceilings and windows. Blue Painter’s Tape is designed for drywall, glass, hardwood floors, metal, wood trim, and a variety of other surfaces. The most typical use is paint and window masking. The tape can be applied with a tape applicator or by hand. To apply by hand unroll and firmly smooth out tape using a 5 in 1 tool to seal the edges in place. To remove simply pull back the tape from the edge of the surface. Perforated: No

Product Specifications

  • Adhesion to Steel: PSTC-101 (oz/in): 19.0 to 22.0
  • Tack Level: High
  • Tensile Strength: PSTC-131 lb/sq in: 20
  • Elongation (%): PSTC-131: 9%
  • Thickness: PSTC-133: 5.7 mils (nominal)
  • P621 Blue Painter’s Tape – 3” x 60 yards – 16 Rolls
  • P621 Blue Painter’s Tape – 2” x 60 yards – 24 Rolls
  • P621 Blue Painter’s Tape – 1 1/2” x 60 yards – 32 Rolls
  • P621 Blue Painter’s Tape – 1” x 60 yards – 48 Rolls
  • P621 Blue Painter’s Tape – 3/4” x 60 yards – 64 Rolls
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