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The moving process can be uniquely damaging and hazardous.  All too often, flooring ends up damaged by even the most cautious moving crews.  And if moving boxes come open during transport, belongings can be damaged beyond repair. 

Standard, off-the-shelf tape simply won’t do for moving.  That’s why Presto Tape, the industry’s leading tape manufacturer, has developed a line of high-quality tapes and protective films specifically with moving crews in mind.  Based in the USA, our wholesale moving materials provide moving crews with safe, durable walkway protection and box tapes are up to the challenge of protecting families’ valuables every step of the move.

Moving crews frequently have to move exceptionally heavy loads, including furniture and stacked boxes, across the same walkways while loading or unloading a family’s belongings.  The result can be scratched or marred tile or wood flooring or stained and torn carpet.  Moreover, the moving process can put exceptional stress on taped boxes. 

In response to these challenges, Presto Tape has developed a line of protective films and special tape designed for use by moving crews. 

  • Presto Tape has designed a lineup of protection films to protect walkways.
    • Our Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film, an industry first, is designed to protect carpeted walkways while being used as high-traffic areas by movers: it can be applied and removed by hand, and it’s resistant to tears and punctures.
    • Presto Tape’s floor protection film is an ideal solution for hardwood and ceramic tile floors. It’s reverse wound for easy application and leaves behind no adhesive residue. 
  • We’ve applied our decades of expertise in tape innovation to design tape built for the rigors of the moving industry.
    • Presto’s strapping tape is high tensilized MOPP tape and built to keep boxes from shifting while in shipment.
    • Our green masking and blue painter’s tape is ideal for marking spots on flooring to specify areas for furniture, boxes, and other heavy units within a home. 

Founded in 1991, Presto Tape is industry’s leading industrial tape manufacturer. 

  • We manufacture our products in the USA, which gives us the advantage of fast turnaround times and strict quality control – guaranteed. And since we ship from within the United States, we avoid offshore shipping and cargo delays. 
  • We are consistently innovating to bring you quality products at competitive prices.
  • Presto Tape can produce custom sizes and packaging around your unique requirements.

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