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An Integrated Manufacturer of Digital Print Media and Specialty Tapes

Presto is a completely integrated manufacturer of digital print media and specialty tapes.  We execute every facet of the production process on-site for maximum quality control. From formulating our own adhesives to the coating process, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping—it is all done under one roof. That is why we can offer the highest quality products at such phenomenally low prices!

Choosing Presto

What can a company expect when choosing Presto?

Constant Innovation

Consistent Quality

Knowledgeable Employees

Credible Manufacturing

Constant Innovation

Innovative ideas and technical leadership are at the forefront of our approach to meeting our customer’s needs. Presto constantly develops new products using our cutting-edge technology. Progress without innovation is impossible, and we owe it to our customers and to the industries we serve to continue lead the pack by creating products that will transform and revolutionize business as we know it.

Consistent Quality

Presto uses specially formulated adhesives and premium substrates in patented production processes to consistently provide our customers with top-notch products. And our strict quality controls never allow for anything less! Unlike many other companies that deal with adhesive products, our tapes and films won’t ruin or damage your surface. Here at Presto, we take pride in producing products that prove to meet the quality standards of businesses across the globe each and every day.

Knowledgeable Employees

When you call Presto, you won’t waste your time listening to an endless stream of automated prompts. You’ll speak a live member of our team. Our employees love what they do. They are the experts of the industry, and their experience and knowledge coupled with their friendly and service-oriented attitudes, makes it a pleasure to do business with anyone at Presto.

Credible Manufacturing

Presto manufacturers all of our products right here in the United States of America. Our custom-made equipment produces millions of square feet of product each year, and our skilled operators truly are the best in the business. Using our patented production processes and over twenty years of experience, we are confident that you can trust us with your manufacturing needs.

For more information on any of our products call us at 1-800-331-1373.

Meet The Team

Rich Speeney

Rich Speeney has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing in the flexographic printing industry. Rich and his brother Mike, owned and operated MRI Flexible Packaging, which they sold to CP Flexible Packaging in August 2014. Rich’s father Mike Speeney, a true innovator and entrepreneur has created a strong and diverse business. Rich hopes to grow Presto and continue to be an industry leader in innovation.

Tom Godonis
Vice President of Operations

Tom Godonis brings streamlined organization to the business. In his role as Vice President of Operations, he oversees the production facility and ensures that products are manufactured efficiency, cost-effectively and with consistent quality. His organizational skills coupled with his past experience managing large manufacturing plants allows him to implement original and innovative ideas.

Art Schell
Vice President of Sales

With over forty years of sales experience in various industries, clients constantly rave about the service Art provides. He leads a team of experienced and qualified sales representatives who do the same. Since his arrival at the company, Presto has sold surface protection films and specialty tapes to far more industries and businesses than ever before. Art is undeniably the right person to lead the sales efforts of Presto.

Ken Rauch
Product Manager

Ken Rauch brings a wide range of skills and expertise to the table at Presto Tape. Ken is a key player in the development of new and innovative products at our production facility and has extensive knowledge when it comes to adhesives and coatings. His past industry experience at Dow Chemical has fully prepared him for the challenging task of formulating the perfect tape products in a cost effective way here at Presto. Ken’s technical knowledge makes him a valuable member of the team, especially when it comes to reassuring customers of our product quality.

John Slover
Graphic Artist

John Slover is the creative mastermind behind Presto’s Graphics Division. His incredible imagination coupled with his technical expertise and experience makes John a valuable asset to Presto. He is here to assist customers with digital printing hints, tricks, profiles, and settings, and he will give all the advice necessary to print and install any project on Presto Print Media correctly. John loves what he does, and his help in the research and development of Presto’s Digitally Printable Wallcoverings gives the company a distinct advantage.

Trish Jurgens
Manager – Purchasing & Scheduling

Trish is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University and comes to Presto with 24 years of Supply Chain Experience in both Distribution and Manufacturing. For the last 19 years, Trish has focused her attention on purchasing, production planning and inventory control in a flexible packaging environment. She brings a level of attention to the business that allows us to control our costs and streamline our processes. Additionally, her experience in ERP software will give Presto the opportunity advance our systems, giving greater clarity to manage our business more effectively.