Charities and Causes We Support

Charities We Support

At Presto Tape, we believe in giving back. It’s part of our core and mission. Presto is committed to supporting not only our employees through various programs and initiatives but also our local community and others throughout the world. While all of our employees are an integral part of helping to fuel our causes, we also have a dedicated Cares Team that helps bring these partnerships and programs to life.

Our ongoing work includes:

Charitable Giving - Acts of Grace

Act of Grace Shared Meals

Within our local community, we partner with Acts of Grace Shared Meals every first Sunday of the month to provide hot meals and to-go meals for those in need. We have continued to support this program through Covid-19 by providing funds for meals through drop-off services.

Hope International

We partner with Hope International to support their sustainable model, which provides loans through microfinancing. These loans can provide resources, like a sewing machine, to sustain a living and support a family. The loan can then be repaid and reloaned to another person, which allows the program to invest in more families’ dreams.

charity: water

We worked with charity: water to sponsor a clean water project for the people of Rwanda. Access to clean water can reduce waterborne diseases, increase food availability, and allow kids to spend more time at school. The project provides clean water to over 850 people.


We partner with WeLearn4Life to help create environments for children in need and help them succeed in life. Our partnership includes sponsoring children, providing food baskets to 100 families in Trou Gilot, and sending five doctors and five nurses on a medical mission to provide medicine, medical exams, and care for stomach and skin problems to over 300 children in Haiti.

TreeHouse MidAtlantic

TreeHouse MidAtlantic offers mentoring, connections, and support for teens. Their goal is to create a safe space for teens to talk about struggles their facing while being supported by peers and adult mentors.

Additional programs, sponsorship support, and initiatives are held throughout the year, including ongoing food drives for the local food bank, nurse appreciation gift baskets, Samaritan’s Purse toy collections, Bensalem PD and K-9 appreciation gift baskets, AJ Golf 4 Autism sponsorship, toiletry essentials for the homeless, and more.

Presto Tape has also launched internal programs for their employees, including Smart Money Financial Advice, Marriage Weekends, Healthy Habits, the Presto Tape Car and more.

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