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Glass & Mirror Surface Protection Films

Protecting glass and mirror products from chipping or cracking is exceptionally challenging.  From manufacturing to storage to transport to installation, there are countless opportunities and ways to damage glass beyond repair.    

The answer: glass surface protection film from Presto Tape, the industry’s leading protective film manufacturer.  Based in the USA, our mirrored surface film can be shipped to you quickly and provides your glass products the highest level of protection in the industry. 

Due to its inherent fragility, fully protecting glass is a tremendous challenge.  It takes very little to chip or crack glass.  Even heavy-duty tempered glass, built to withstand relatively high levels of mistreatment, can be subject to scratching during handling. 

To protect glass and mirror finish from scratching, use glass protection film from Presto Tape.  Our temporary glass and mirror protection film can protect the delicate finish of your glass surfaces from the factory to installation. 

  • Our film is suitable for a range of different types of glass:
    • Architectural
    • LCD
    • Float
    • Reflective
    • Smooth coated
    • Textured uncoated
    • Glossy and matte fiberglass
  • Protect your glass and mirror surface from scratches, smudges, dust, dirt, dings and debris.
  • Film comes in low to medium tack and provides up to 45 days of UVI protection.
  • Suitable for all stages prior to installation, including manufacturing, storage and shipping.
  • Polyethylene film is coated in a water-based acrylic adhesive that leaves no residue behind – no cleanup needed after installation.
  • Available in clear and blue.

Founded in 1991, Presto Tape is committed to being the industry’s leading industrial tape manufacturer. 

  • Because our products are made in the USA, we can guarantee fast turnaround times and strict quality control. And since we ship from within the United States, we avoid offshore shipping and cargo delays. 
  • We are consistently innovating to bring you quality products at competitive prices.
  • Presto Tape can produce custom sizes and packaging around your unique requirements.

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