Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film

The first Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film

    • Designed to temporarily protect carpets using strip section adhesive
    • Resistant to tears and punctures
    • Removes clean, without leaving any residue behind
    • Use for up to 45 days 
    • Materials: Polyethylene Film coated with strips of water-based acrylic adhesive
    • Solvent-Free sustainable adhesive
    • First Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film in the industry
    • Available colors: Clear
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Zone-coated Carpet Protection FIlm Product Details

Presto Tapes Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film uses patented Eco Zone-Coat technology.
Ideal for construction, renovations, moving, parties, showing model homes and open houses, in-home service visits. Our Zone-Carpet Protection Film is created with strips of superior adhesive on our formulated durable polyethylene film as a temporary solution to protect carpets from dirt, mud, paint spills, dust, construction debris, and damage. The polyethylene film is a special blend which is resistant to tears and punctures. The film should be used with synthetic carpets only and should not be used with natural fiber rugs. The Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film can be applied with a floor roller or by hand. To remove simply pull back the film from the edge of the carpet. This product should not be used in extreme humidity conditions or in outdoor applications. Perforated: No

Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film Specifications

20A80 ZC

  • Tack Level: High
  • Tensile Strength: PSTC-131 lb/sq in: 11
  • Elongation (%): PSTC-131: 630
  • Thickness: PSTC-133: 1.8 mils (nominal)
  • Adhesion: 14.0 to 16.0

Zone-Coated Carpet Protection Film Products

  • 20A80 ZC – Carpet Film Premium Zone Coated (24” x 100’) – 180 Rolls
  • 20A80 ZC – Carpet Film Premium Zone Coated (24” x 200’) – 180 Rolls
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