All Weather Tape

General purpose, heavy duty All Weather Tape

  • Designed for general purpose indoor and outdoor use
    • Variations: Available as standard tape or easy-tear
    • Offers 90-day UVI protection
    • Materials: Polyethylene film coated with water-based acrylic adhesive
    • Solvent-Free sustainable adhesive
    • Available colors: Clear
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Additional Product Details

Presto Tape’s All Weather Tape is heavy-duty and easy to use on a variety of applications.
Ideal for greenhouse patchwork, seaming, splicing, and heavy bundling. This product is a heavy-duty clear tape designed for general purpose indoor and outdoor use. The film contains a 90-day UVI additive, along with the water-based acrylic adhesive system. The All-Weather Tape is available with a serrated edge that makes it an easy-tear product (702ET). The tape can be applied with a tape applicator or by hand. To apply by hand, unroll and firmly apply pressure to seal in place. Perforated: No

Product Specifications

702 & 702ET

  • Adhesion to Steel: PSTC-101 (oz/in): 30.0 to 40.0
  • Tack Level: Very High
  • Tensile Strength: PSTC-131 lb/sq in: 31
  • Elongation (%): PSTC-131: 325%
  • Thickness: PSTC-133: 5 mils (nominal)
All Weather Tape Product Options:
  • 702 – All Weather Tape – 2” x 36 yards- 24 Rolls
  • 702 – All Weather Tape – 2” x 60 yards – 24 Rolls
  • 702ET – All Weather Tape Serrated Edge – 2” x 36 yards – 24 Rolls
  • 702ET – All Weather Tape Serrated Edge – 2” x 60 yards – 24 Rolls


Can All Weather Tape withstand extreme temperatures and varying weather conditions?
• Yes, it is waterproof and UV-resistant. Temperatures should not exceed 40F-120F.

In what ways does the UVI protection contribute to the longevity of the tape?
• UVI protection extends the life of the tape by protecting from prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

What benefits does the polyethylene film provide for performance and longevity?
• Polyethylene tape has water-resistant properties, making it ideal for sealing and defending surfaces from moisture exposure.

How are solvent-free sustainable adhesives advantageous?
• Waterborne adhesives are eco-friendly and less toxic to on-site workers.

Can custom sizes or quantities be requested?
• Yes, custom sizes are available for most of our products.

Is there a recommended method for applying the tape using a tape applicator?
• Typically, it is applied by hand, but an applicator can be used.

Can All Weather Tape be removed easily without leaving residue?
• If the substrate was prepared properly prior to installation, the tape can be removed easily without leaving any residue behind.

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