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Presto Tape Announces CanvasWrap

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Presto Tape CanvasWrap

At Presto Tape, we’re always looking for ways to reimagine our products to fit the needs of artists, printers, painters, and other professionals. CanvasWrap is an adhesive-free, printable canvas product.

Introducing CanvasWrap

CanvasWrap offers everything our clients love about CanvasTac, but without the adhesive. Designers can print on the canvas using solvent, ecosolvent, latex and UV inks (not aqueous). After printing on the adhesive-free canvas, they can then wrap it around a frame. Custom prints are ready to hang!

Displaying fine art to photography and much more, this product is great for both commercial and residential use. The non-adhesive canvas can cover walls, too. It’s a great solution for clients who wish to use the paste method of installation rather than our adhesive-backed CanvasTac product.

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