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Presto Tape Joins Wallcoverings Association

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v2_wallcoveringsassociation_Presto Tape has joined the Wallcoverings Association (WA).  The Wallcoverings Association is a trade association that is committed to representing, connecting, and supporting manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of residential and commercial wallcoverings in North America.  Members of Wallcoverings Association are required to maintain industry standards for sustainable wallcoverings.

Presto Tape has added two new products to their Digitally Printable Wallcoverings Collection, CanvasTac and Presto Tex. Both materials are removable and repositionable wallcoverings and are compatible with eco-solvent, UV, latex and aqueous inks. For more information on the materials or printer profiles call 1-800-331-1373 or email info@prestotape.com.