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Presto Tape Offers Private Branding For Blue Painter’s Tape

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btmPresto Tape offers private branding for USA made blue painter’s tape. P621 Blue Painter’s Tape is a water based acrylic tape that removes cleanly for up to 21 days. Presto Tape’s blue painter’s tape is a high performance masking tape that does not dry out or lose its holding power.

Use the blue painter’s tape on walls, trim, glass, woodwork and a variety of other surfaces. The available sizes for P621 Blue Painter’s Tape are 3, 2, 1 ½ , 1 and ¾ inch widths by 60 yards.

Other uses for the blue painter’s tape are in the flooring industry. Because the blue painter’s tape is clean release, you can use it to mask hardwood floors, hold polyethylene film down, cardboard and make floor markings.

In addition to its high performance, Presto Tape offers competitive pricing which in return gives you a higher margin. Presto Tape offers a fast response time, better pricing and a quick solution to any problem and is flexible to work with you to help you acquire more business. Visit www.prestotapes.wpengine.com to learn more or contact us at info@prestotape.com. Click here to become a distributor.

Presto Tape is a completely integrated manufacturer of premium-quality tapes, surface protection tapes and films designed to suit a broad range of specialized applications. Presto Tape is a proud US manufacturer located in Bensalem PA.