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Presto’s CanvasTac used for Wallcoverings in Best Buddy Pet Center at St. Louis’ Humane Society

Project Info

Client St. Louis' newest Humane Society
Designer/Installer Swift Print Communications
Product(s) Used

Project Description

Swift Print Communications used Presto Tape’s CanvasTac wallcovering to enhance the atmosphere in the Humane Society Best Buddy Pet Center in St. Louis, MO. The 17-mm thick material now adds colorful accents to many interior spaces in the center, including above the doors, the playhouse, and the companion animal cages. Shawn Fogle, VP of Display & Graphics at Swift Print Communications, appreciated the results of the repeating animal pattern on the canvas material. “One of my favorite products is CanvasTac for printing wall coverings,” Shawn said, showing off photos in a Facebook post. “Check out how it enhances the experience at St. Louis’ newest Humane Society Best Buddy Pet Center. This is the first time we used this material for printing a repeating pattern like shown. Pretty cool!”