Termini Brothers Bakery

Project Info

Client Termini Brothers Bakery
Designer/Installer R37

Project Description

Operating since 1921, Termini Brothers Bakery is a family-owned bakery that is well known in Philadelphia. The bakery owners had previously used CanvasTac for their stands at the Philadelphia Flower Show, a major event in the city. The two brothers, Joseph and Vincent, liked the result so much that they wanted to use CanvasTac again to bring the bakery’s history and culture to their new location in the Comcast Center food court. They envisioned a timeline of black and white photos showcasing their family and the bakery on a 5’ x 50’ mural behind their baked goods displays. They also wanted a portion of the mural to showcase La Colombe coffee. Working with Termini Brothers and La Colombe, R37 created the layout of their photos and used CanvasTac to bring it to life.

Two additional murals line the walls of the new location. One 9’ x 10’ mural honors Termini Brothers’ original bakery with stunning photography of its neon signs at night. A 6’ x 10’ mural showcases their delicious cannoli.

“It made us so hungry putting up the mural that we had to go eat some cannoli, they were amazing!” – R37