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Graphics Application Tapes

Paper & Film Application Tapes

Graphics application tape is being used to create a sign

Presto offers the best price-performance in the industry for Graphics Application Tapes.

Our Graphics Application Tapes are used in sign making and screen printing applications. Presto Tape offers a variety of tack levels in both paper and film products to meet the customer’s needs. It is ideal for screen printing, transferring vinyl lettering and graphics, and as a premask for large graphics.

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Paper Tapes

Presto’s Paper Application Tapes are available in low to high tack. We offer 2 versions of the lay-flat application tapes, available in standard and premium paper. The layflat application tapes adhere to the liner flat for stacked jobs and easy transport.

Low Tack – 7176

Presto Tape’s Low Tack, 7176, application tape is made with 4 mil natural colored paper. Used for premask for large format digital print applications. Comparable to products including R-Tape’s 4000, Main Tape’s GXP-525, and ABI’s 6560.

7176 Spec Sheet

Medium to High Tack

The ideal choice for most sign shop applications, Presto Tape’s Medium to High Tack, 7186-P, is made with 4 mil natural colored paper. Comparable to R-Tape’s 4075, Main Tape’s GXP-575, and ABI’s 592.

7186-P Spec Sheet

High Tack Layflat - 7186-P-LFA

This 4 mil natural colored paper application tape lays flat on silicone release liners. It is ideal for most sign shop applications and comparable to products such as R-Tape’s 4075RLA, Main Tape’s GXP-775, and ABI’s 592U.

7186-P LFA Spec Sheet

High Tack Premium Paper - 8282-P-LFA

Comparable to R-Tape’s 4750, Main Tape’s GXP-1000, and ABI’s 6882. This 5 mil, heavy weight, natural premium paper is designed for small to medium graphics.

8282-P LFA Spec Sheet

Pallet Tape - 7160-PT

Pallet Tape is used to protects print surfaces of textile screen print equipment; extends pallet life. Material is a 4 mil natural colored paper.

7160-PT Spec Sheet

Blue Painter’s Tape

Blue Painter’s Tape, with its 21 day clean release, is ideal for walls, trim, glass woodwork, metal, etc.  Available in sizes six sizes including  3”, 2”, 1 ½”, 1 and ¾” by 60 yards

P621 Blue Painters Tape


Film Tapes

Presto’s Film Application Tapes are available in low, medium and high tack and are transparent. Our Medium Tack Easy Tear is the work horse product of the line. The films unique design allows you to cleanly tear the film and is perfect for most sign shop applications.

Low Tack - 6170

Used in premask for medium-large sized vinyl graphics, Presto Tape’s low tack tape, is made of clear embossed polypropylene material. This 4 mil transfer tape is comparable to R-Tape’s Digimask and ABI’s 1301.

6170 Spec Sheet

Medium Tack - 6171

The best film choice for most sign shop applications, this medium tack transfer tape is designed to be easy tear film for simplified application. Material is a 4 mil clear embossed polypropylene. Comparable to R-Tape’s AT-60, Main Tape’s GXF-100, and ABI’s 1310.

6171 Spec Sheet

Medium Tack Easy Tear - 6175

Comparable to R-Tape’s AT-75, Presto Tape’s Medium Tack easy tear application tape is made in the USA of clear easy tear film. Designed for simplified application.

6175 Spec Sheet

High Tack - 6173

Best for small vinyl graphics and lettering, Presto’s High Tack Tape is available up to 48 inch widths by 100 yards. Comparable to products Main Tape’s GXF-101 and ABI’s 1320, product is made with clear embossed polypropylene (4 mil).

6173 Spec Sheet

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